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Indulekha Bringha Complete Hair care oil

Product Description:

Indulekha Bringha is a herbal authentic Ayurvedic Formula that promotes new hair growth. Indulekha Bringha intensively nourishes balding scalp and stimulates hair follicles which in turn starts growing healthy hair without any side effects. Indulekha Bringha is a safe, healthy & completely natural remedy to control the hair loss rate.
It improves blood circulation in the scalp and thus instantly stops hair loss.Targets the cause of hair loss at cellular molecular level and penetrates through the cuticle activating the dead cells and providing nourishment to hair roots.Detoxifies the blood in the scalp and stimulates hair growth, strengthens hair roots and promotes long luxurious and healthy hair growth.

Nalikera, Svetakutaja, Bringha Raja, Amrita, Amalaki, Kaidarya, Yashti, Kshiram, Nimba, Brahmi, Keratailam, Karpura, Vatadha, Kumari, Draksha, herbal ingredients in Indulekha Bringha effectively work to enrich the thickness of hair and encourage the growth of healthy, thick and glossy hair. 
Processing technology of Indulekha Bringha itself is a revolution, as it is for the first time a complete Ayurvedic medicine is formulated through cold processing technology. This technological adoption does preserve the medicinal features of each of its herbal ingredient offering assured results for users. 

Me being a Keralite, i am fond of long flowing hair, and i take lot of care to maintain my hair, oflate i had noticed small bumps on my husband's scalp, and he is been suffering from minor hairloss, and to address this problem, my Mom asked me to use this product. It's been over a month of using the product and good enough time for a review

Price: around 500rs

1) Smells of virgin cocunut oil, its exaclty like the cocunut oil smells that you get out of the mills in Kerala, where the farmers give coconuts to get it processed and get their cocunut oil
2) Takes care of dandruff problems, and minor scalp infections, my husband's scalp infections reduced by almost 95%
3) I apply a little bit of it, to take care of my flyaways, works great
4) Hair fall has reduced
5) Good list of herbal ingredients

1) Expensive
2) Availabilty only in Kerala stores

Though the claim about hair growth has yet not been observed by me, the hair fall part seems to be taken care of..
I am pretty happy with the buy, though, i think if you have long thick hair, you would finish the bottle in like 5 days. At my place its only my husband who applies it as a part of the hair treatment course, and i occassionaly apply to take care of the flyways

Would you recommend: Yes, if you suffer from hairloss, dandruff problems, minor scalp infenctions i think this should be the first step treatment. It does work

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  1. Hi...nice review. Sounds expensive though.

  2. Thanks for the review. One more month passed, could you please let me know the progress of your Hubby’s hair growth. I am thinking of using but will wait for your reply.


  3. @ray: yes its expensive, but i kind of like it
    @captain: it does arrest hairfall, but i am not very positive about hair growth even after over 2 months usage.

  4. Hi all, i have started using it from today 4/sep/2012.
    @rentu..can u please let me know if it works for new hair growth. please mail me at

  5. KUNDAN SINGH :( )Dear i'm using this indulikha product last 2.5 month but i'm not getting positive response even after use this product i loss my too much hair. i'm using this product by this hope that may be it will start work after some days, so will you kindly tell me how it will start working and when?

  6. Hi mam I'm a male of 21 experiencing from front baldness. just now brought indulekha after seeing the reviews here. As of now i'm applying it as a normal oil that is everyday in morning. But the site says to apply it night for first 8 days and wash it off in morning does that mean i have to wash my head everyday with or without shampoo for that 8 days or tell me ur suggestions for applying it i really need the answer ASAP

    1. u can wash it by shampoo or any other herbal powder

  7. Hi... Iam 25 yrs old. I have used indhulekha bringha oil for past four days but increase in hair fall. i have applied it in night and washed it in morning using pantene.
    Please let me know whether is there any specific way to use this oil or it is not working for me...
    Please do reply.
    Thanks in advance..

    1. Hi don't use pantene,clinic all clear and such shampoos. They contain strong chemicals and may cause hair loss. You may use johnson's baby shampoo or some herbal shampoo.

  8. Hi friends this is shivu(v). I have been using this indulekha bringha oil for one month . But no result. Still my hairs are falling. So my advice dont use this oil

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  10. shall i use ds oil daily ...............because i am having vry long i cant take hair bath daily :( i am sufferng from hair pls sugesst me

  11. yaaaaaa indhlekha its work for me...its reduce my hair fall.!!!---- tankq indhulekha team for saving my youngster LIFe-----....

    1. but yu should folow the steps perfect--- it works for in 4 days--realy tanq indhulekha team ..

  12. view the complete list of complaints from other users:

  13. hiii i'm hema and i've started using induleka hair oil but i have a dought like do i use this oil every day is there any steps to follow to use this oil .

  14. hello, how can i purchase this product online? do you give home delivery?
    i have been using this for year long. if i wash my head with cold water i get a very strong dandruff that it takes so much hair of me. any suggestions, please. contact me.

  15. i wish to be a life long customer of yours if you provide home delivry

  16. It's always a struggle to grow hair out long and healthy, while still using heat on your hair. Sometimes it seems impossible to be able to put down the straightener and curling iron. Keshking hair oil is best for long grow of hair, shining, maintain colour deep nourishment of hair roots & scalp, checks loss of hair, stops premature of hair, prevents from dandruff, whiteness, regrowth of hairs, sleeplessness & headache.


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